Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How To Increase Your Traffic And Keep It Coming Forever

In order for a business or website to turn a profit it must have a steady flow of targeted prospects. So, for the sake of simplicity one can assume that the first order of business would be generating traffic. The "How and Where" is what this article will deal with.

Assuming you've got your website in place and a quality product to sell. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to the nitty gritty of Traffic Generation.

1) Invest in Google’s Adwords and Yahoo’s PPC Ads!

There may be some reluctance to spend money for traffic generation. This kind of traffic is very targeted. People that click your ads are interested in what you have and will generally buy. It will be well worth your while to invest in this type of advertising. To not do so would be like shooting yourself in the foot.

With a well written ad your traffic will increase as well as your sales. Ultimately that is your goal, is it not?

2) Exchange or Trade Links with other sites.

Exchanging links with other relevant sites is a very good way to benefit from the traffic of those websites. It will also make the search engines take notice of your site. Being a great form of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The more sites you have with a link pointing back to yours causes your site's importance to increase.

This can be a time consuming and frustrating undertaking. You can spend many long hours searching and contacting relevant site owners getting very little response. Don't be discouraged. Just set aside a certain amount of time for this activity every day. You'll eventually achieve the desired results. Remember, this is not a race.

3) Viral Marketing

Giving away something of value at your site which contains your website name and address is a great way to get the word out about your company. Giving the person you gave it to the right to give it away to his or her visitors as well. By providing them with a way to rebrand the ebook or software with their web address and name. Your information will always remain but the new owners will also be able to benefit from it. You'll be amazed at how many copy's get distributed. Especially if the item is of help and has significant value.

4) Proper keywords or keyword phrases for your sites content.

If your site doesn't utilize the proper keywords or phrases the search engines won't know how or where to categorize your site. The importance of your site will be determined by the keywords your optimized for as well as relevant backlinks. Take the time to tweak your sites content making sure that your utilizing the proper keywords and phrases.
This will assist you in ranking high in search engine results.

5) Write Articles that can lead traffic to your site.

Enough cannot be said nor can it be stressed enough that "Article Writing" is the cheapest and most effective way to drive traffic to your site or your affiliate program.

Most will claim their writing skills are not good enough or that they hate to write or I just don't have the time. With the availability of PLR articles and places such as where you can hire a writer to do your writing, not having articles to distribute is not an option. PLR articles can be purchased and rewritten with your name and company as the author. They can be posted on your site and submitted to article directories with a resource box at the bottom.

The resource box contains an attention grabbing blurb about your site or affiliate site as well as the link to that particular site.

6) Join Marketing Forums

This would be another viable form of advertising. However, don't be tempted to jump out there and respond to a topic unless you know something about the topic being discussed. Just for the sake of dropping a link. You're liable to piss the moderator off and get yourself banned from the board. Hang around awhile, see if you can't contribute something that will help someone. Participate awhile before leaving your signature.

7) Lastly, Write an ezine/newsletter.

This task can also be outsourced if you're pressed for time.

Providing your subscribers with relevant, useful information that makes their daily efforts more effective helps them and you as well. A true win, win strategy.

Start implementing these strategies and you can be guaranteed a surge in traffic and sales. Just remember that you can't just read this. You have to do this. For if you do nothing, nothing is what happens.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Did you know about the LAB philosophy?

As you already know, Leisure Audio Books (LAB), addresses the
growing demand for audio books in a world exploding with a vast
array of listening devices-- but with little time to sit still
long enough to read.

This is just one reason for the ground swell of excitement.

Another is the considerable marketing / sales team that created
and supports this brain child. Because at least half of an online
company's success depends on good, rock-solid, experienced

With Kevin Anderson at the helm, Leisure Audio Books has
that in abundance. Kevin has that experience and track record for
success. As the original founder of one of the most successful
online opportunities, Kevin has proven that he knows how to run
a successful online business, one which has been in business
for 15 years and paid out tens of millions of dollars in commissions.

In fact, simply because someone with Kevin's experience has decided
to invest his own time and energy into this new venture, tells you what
a truly remarkable venture it is.

Why? Because winners Succeed!.

Plus joining Kevin is a host of other successful online business
owners and marketers including Janet Wilson of Empowerism and
Mike Glaspie, as well as Stone Evans of the Plug-In Profit Site,
and Rachel Long, all well established and reputable owners/marketers
in their own right.

With a team like this, which brings with it so much experience and
such stellar reputations, LAB is one of the most finely-tuned
online business machines yet. And this very minute is the best time
to join!

One of the BEST aspects of tapping into Kevin & Co.'s experience
is the philosophy that comes with it: to support each and every member
so they can achieve the success they always dreamed of having.

They understand this in a dynamic way by knowing how important
it is to be reliable, dedicated and helpful to each and every affiliate
member. Supporting each member is not only a win-win situation,
it's common sense: when their affiliates earn revenue, so does the

More importantly, this carries over in to practical terms, which is
where you and each of your referrals need it most. This means a
back-office that is well written, well organized, a breeze to navigate
and understand, and chocked-full of promotional and sales
support. This means a dynamically growing site that will continue
to support you with on-going enhancements, new products and
new tools-- all in place to ensure that YOU have the best possible
chance for success.

By joining Leisure Audio Books without a minute's delay, you are joining
one of the most phenomenal teams currently available online.

To Your Success,

P.S. Remember signing up is COSTFREE!-- and earning commissions
can begin for you right away.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

LAB offers something for everyone.

Hi Everyone,

We all love our favorite authors... but WHO has time to read
a book anymore?

That's why it's such a great time to sign up as a Leisure Audio Books

Leisure Audio Books (LAB) is answering the growing demand for quality
audio books in a way that no_other company does-- Because that's ALL we do!

So, Leisure Audio Books offers a HUGE library of titles on audio--
with a twist! LAB's audio books are available immediately, as
a download, and are compatible with ALL MAJOR FORMS of
modern listening devices: IPods, MP3 Players, cell phones,
CD players-- you name it. Most titles can be downloaded and listened
to on any of this equipment.

LAB also offers the highest level of quality, product and price,
making it extremely simple to promote these much sought after audio books.

Because nobody has the time to just sit and read... even though
they WANT to keep up with their favorite authors; they WANT
to catch up on that great motivational or non-fiction book that was
recommended; they WANT to pursue their own bible (or other religious)
studies. Now, with LAB, they CAN!

With a current library of over 6,900 titles in 13 different categories
(and growing all the time), LAB offers something for everyone;
more choice for the casual browser and more selection for those
looking for particular titles, old and new, than virtually any other
audio book resource.

Plus LAB's customer service is top-notch! In fact, the site is set up
to be as customer-friendly as possible. It includes a Help Desk,
Member's Basket, and even a Member's Library-- a place to store
their own personal copies of their favorite downloads.

Leisure Audio Books is "rocking the house" in the fast-growing
audio book industry. And that's why signing up to be an affiliate
member NOW-- while the market is fresh and Hot -- will put you on
the ground floor of the greatest business venture to hit the internet
in years!

P. S. Joining as an affiliate is free-- and includes lots of support!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How can You earn better commissions, than Amazon_Affiliates?

One of the newest and most exciting online business opportunities
to hit the internet in a long time: Leisure Audio Books (LAB)

Leisure Audio Books provides one of the best and most sought after
products for an audience that is simply too busy to sit still long
enough to read - yet still want to keep up with the latest

Audio books are not new. But what IS new, is LAB's ability to
make these audio books downloadable, so they are instantly
accessible. They are also available in a variety of formats,
making them suitable for a multitude of listening devices!
This is one of the many aspects that makes Leisure Audio Books
such a top drawer proposition.

But Leisure Audio Books is much more than just a fabulously
exciting new product.

Another remarkable feature is the dual-income potential of Leisure
Audio Books. Like a one-two punch, not only can you earn from
product purchases, you can also create a substantial residual revenue
from commissions earned by referring other people to the program.

When someone joins Leisure Audio Books as an affiliate from one
of your advertisements, then decides to upgrade to the Gold or
Platinum membership level, you will recover a percentage of their
upgrade fee!

And, because upgrades are charged a monthly fee, this means
YOU have the potential of creating a sizeable monthly revenue
stream from their memberships!

Of course, promoting the referral system is only one way to grow
your referral system. Another includes plenty of support.

And LAB provides LOTS of ways for us to help each other. With
back office tools like a downline mailer, a private forum and much

So join us and start on your path to a great online business.
P.S. Look through the impressive list of titles available at

Friday, January 04, 2008

What I’ve Learned About Naming Your Product Or Service

"What I’ve Learned About Naming Your Product Or Service — and How One Wrong Word In A Title Cost Me My First Copywriting Job"

The name you give your product or service is crucial.

My first copywriting job was at a company that went bankrupt because they called their private membership club the "Millionaire’s Circle".

Three states in the U.S. said the name WAS an income claim, in and of itself. That’s right, just having that ONE word in a product title put
the company under.

After bankrupting the company fighting 3 attorney generals, they changed the name to the "winners circle" instead of the "Millionaire’s Circle."
But that little naming mistake put the company under and caused me to lose my first copywriting job.

A lot of people wonder if I’m just a sour puss for making a big deal over the proliferation of blatant income claims. There IS a reason for it.

If you’re in UK, Australia, or Canada, I bet there are similar precedents in your country you should be aware of.

But naming goes much deeper than just not using "potty words."

Let me illustrate the vital importance of the name you choose with several of the names I’ve given products.

1. The "Cash Like Clockwork" system.

That’s a great name.

The only reason I don’t use the name more is that I really hate to use things that have too blatant of a money appeal in them.

The good things about the name are that it conveys a benefit. Your product name should usually have a benefit in it. The other good thing
is that it isn’t too generic. It implies a brand. Plus, it lends itself to a visual — a CLOCK!

So, overall, it’s a great name. I would be more comfortable with "Sales Like Clockwork" than I would "Cash." Thing is, people like names with
two letters that are the same.

Think of Coca-Cola as an example. You’ll also find a lot of celebrities with names that follow the same pattern. Marilyn Monroe, Alan Alda and
many others.

Marketing With Marlon came out #1 on our name survey. Part of the reason for that is the two use of the two M’s.

2. "The Amazing Formula"

It isn’t as good a name as "Cash Like Clockwork." And the reason I say that is there isn’t a clear benefit in it unless you add the rest of the
name "….That Sells Products Like Crazy." But now, you have a really LONG name.

The positive is that the word "Formula" still hasn’t made the rounds nearly as much as the word "System." Overall, the title has worked well.
But if I did it over, I’d try to get a benefit in the core title.

3. "Milcers"

Milcers has a problem. It’s a coined name that is hard to pronounce. Most people called it Milsers instead of MILKERS. Plus, I thought the
idea of "milk your cash cow" was obvious but implied.

To me, "Marlon’s Internet Lifestyle Club" explained the benefit. But to many others, they didn’t like the word "lifestyle."

Thing is, my style is to NOT put money directly in the title of a product. One reason is you risk Paypal feeling that you went over the line. I
don’t like my titles to seem too "bizopy" (short for "like a business opportunity").

One of the first laws of online business is:

"Protect your merchant processeing at all costs."

Without it, you don’t have a business. I’m going to rename Milcers. I’ll keep what I feel is good in the concept. But add a new angle or twist.

4. "The Marketing Diary"

The name is too generic to be honest. But I liked the word Diary. And I chose the word "marketing" over some name that more directly implied

At least I should have come up with a "D"-word to use in place of "Marketing." The name would have been better.

The main problem with the name is, "What’s the benefit to the buyer?" Who cares if they buy a diary about marketing? See, there’s no

That’s a problem.

5. "Articles By Marlon"

The title I’ve been using for my ezine is "Articles By Marlon" or "The Sell Products Like Crazy Ezine." I’m going to move to a NEW title. It’s a
secret right now, because I want to create a blog to match. The problem with the existing title is, "what’s the benefit?" Is there REALLY a
benefit to getting another article by email?

The only benefit that the article is "By Marlon" is that it isn’t "By" someone else. That doesn’t quite cut it in this age of noise.

Tips On Naming Your Products, Ezines, and Memberships

The biggest problem with names is finding a DOMAIN. It seems like most of the good, short ones are taken. I tried like crazy to find a nice,
short domain for the renaming of Milcers and got nowhere with that search.

I had the same problem with my blog. I’ll probably end of using "" or something like that. The blog isn’t up yet, so don’t go

The reason short names are good is that they’re easier for people to spell. The chances people will type a long domain without a typo aren’t

You may have seen the article in Inc. magazine about the guy who is registering thousands of domains that end in .cm instead of .com to get
the typo traffic.

It costs something like $600 to register a .cm name. But he made a deal directly with the country (Cameroon or something like that). Point
is, a lot of people can’t even type .com without making a mistake!

Normally, your product name should have a benefit in it. However, web sites do well with coined names. Think Google, Yahoo and others.

MSN isn’t a particularly good name.

Oh, if you wanna learn more about naming, I recommend the book "Positioning" by Trout and Ries. It’s a classic.


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