Friday, March 16, 2007

Killer Niche Marketing: Review Does Killer Niche Marketing Work?

Killer Niche Marketing: Review Does Killer Niche Marketing Work?

I just finished my first reading of the new $7 report "Killer Niche Marketing". This report will be beneficial to all struggling bum marketers, affiliates and of course niche marketers.

The author: Pawel Reszka puts his money where his mouth is. His strategies puts his website first in search results on Google for affiliate marketing. I just came from checking it, so you can take what he says to the bank.

Below is the table of contents you'll find when you first open the book. I've put my comments beneath each.

Table of Contents:
- My Personal Opinion About Google
This is a revealing and honest look at Google's tactics and how you can use what they know to your advantage.

- Finding A Niche (Advanced? – you can skip this part)
Considered pretty basic and is aimed at the new person on the web. Informative for the new person.

- Registering The Right Domain Name (Highly Important)
My first thought before reading this chapter was "Duh" but as it turns out, I was wrong to assume anything. Good info here. Not what I thought at all!

- Onpage SEO Tips (Highly Important)
- Building The Content
- Getting Your Niche Website Indexed (Highly Important)
- Backlink Strategy
- Publishing Duplicate Content
- Unadvertised script bonus
- Article strategy
- About press releases
- Reciprocal linking tactics

Most, if not all of the above tactics are not what I would consider to be general knowledge. If you've been chasing the search engine game and trying to keep up with their changes "Killer Niche Marketing" will be an eye opening look into the world of free traffic generation via SEO. His information flies in the face of complicated SEO strategies. As a niche marketer myself, I will be applying his tactics to a new niche I've been working on. Results will follow in a seperate article. This report is worth far more than the $7 he's charging. It could bring at the very least $47 to $97


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Niche Marketing On Crack: Review

"If You Knew How To Easily Create One Single Page Website That Earned You $3600 A Year...

If You Knew You Could Create That Site In Just ONE DAY...

If You Knew That This Site Would Be Putting Cash In Your Pocket In Just A Few Days Time...


These are the first questions you'll be faced with upon entering The Niche Marketing On Crack website.

They Are Not Hype!

"So How Did They Do It?"

First let me tell you how they DIDN'T do it...

- They DIDN'T use Clickbank...

- They DIDN'T target "long tail" keywords...

- They DIDN'T pay any money for Advertising...

- They DIDN'T use Myspace, Craigslist, Squidoo, Yahoo Answers or any other "FAST TRAFFIC" method...

- They DIDN'T use software to create a million pages of content or get a million backlinks...

- They DIDN'T use sneaky backdoor, black hat techniques to trick the search engines...

- They DIDN'T use Videos to promote their sites...

- They DIDN'T leverage anyone elses traffic (not even mine in case you were wondering :p)

One particularly cool site I made recently:

- Has just ONE page of content

- Made $231.04 USD (About $300 in my currency AUD) last month...

- Took me no more than a few hours to create AND promote...

- Got no more than 11 Visitors a day!

Did you hear that?? $300 a month for 11 visitors a day!

I was onto something!

"Introducing: Niche Marketing On CRACK!"

The premise of the Niche Marketing On CRACK system is:

That absolutely ANYONE can use it to make money - Seriously, if my girlfriends MOM can do it... You saw the proof.

That you can START EARNING QUICKLY - rather than developing a site for months before seeing any profit, you can be watching the sale notifications flow in as little as a week... You saw the proof.

That you can make BIG money from TINY traffic - Traffic generation is the hardest part of internet marketing but ANYONE can drive just a few visitors a day to a website... You saw the proof.

That you can MULTIPLY YOUR INCOME by rinsing and repeating the same formula - No guesswork is involved. Each site takes a very short amount of time to create and you can make as many of them as you like... You saw the proof.

That your income GROWS with time, rather than declines - Alot of the "even a bum could do this" type money making methods around at the moment can generate fast cash but its cash that can disappear just as quickly.

Niche marketing on CRACK allows you to make fast cash, while building a slowly growing empire of niche sites that grows its income month after month. Not only that but you are simultaneoulsy developing a portfolio of valuable Virtual Real Estate.

To grow your income using a unique and intelligent application of fundamental web marketing principles - Nothing tricky, nothing illegal, nothing that won't LAST!

The Secret Of Niche Marketing On CRACK - How I make big dollars from small traffic and keep doing it over and over again.

How To Find Niche Markets That Ensure MONSTER Profits - Not by looking through magazines, not by what you're interested in, not by searching for "long tail" keywords. What you'll learn here will shock and excite you...

How To Make The ULTIMATE Niche Site in Just A Few Hours (for FREE if you want) - Step by Step, exactly how to setup a site that will ensure maximum traffic and maximum income.

How To Start Getting Traffic To Your Site IMMEDIATELY - As soon as you're established you can start receiving traffic, and lots of it. Traffic that equates to ad clicks and sales. Find out how here...

How To Consolidate Your Traffic By Getting Your Site To The Front Page Of Google In Just A Few Weeks - This will be just one of the ways you will get traffic...

How To Steal Valuable and Relevant Backlinks To Your Sites Without Paying A Cent - And watch your search engine rankings climb as you do it.

How To Generate Fresh and 100% Unique Content For Your Site at Light Speed - Even when you know NOTHING about the topic of your site. (PLUS my secret sources for obtaining unique content dirt cheap!)

How To Keep Your Income Growing Month After Month As You Build An Online Empire - My specific program for continued action. You won't be left wondering what to do here.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Build Wealth With Foreclosures

How To Build Massive Wealth In Real Estate Foreclosures!

A simple, yet powerful and proven formula that will grab you by the hand and walk you step by step to your real estate fortunes!


The Simple Little Formula that builds massive wealth through real estate foreclosures.

The one most critical ingredient that other courses fail to tell you.

Shocking real-life statistics about who controls the wealth in this country that most experts will never share-- if after learning this, you aren't motivated to get off your butt, then you never will.

How to track properties through the entire foreclosure process-- not just part of the way. This is where the real money is hiding.

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The three types of foreclosed properties. Understanding what they are and the differences between them may skyrocket your income. You'll learn about all of them.

Why foreclosures are at a 30-year historical high and how you can use it to your advantage to reach your financial goals. You owe it to yourself and your family to stake a claim in this modern day gold rush.

How to find foreclosed properties. Knowing this may save you hundreds of hours of research time.

Why starting your own part-time business can place you in the top 5% of achievers in this country.

How to find preforeclosures and ways to snatch them up for the highest profits.

And that's just the beginning. There is much more:

Build Wealth With Foreclosures | Instant Download!

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A Sobering Message To Anyone Who Is In Or Wants To Be In The Highly Profitable Business Of Content Publishing...

"You Are Either 2 Words Away From An Online Fortune Or Getting A Massive Kick In Your Hiney By The Search Engine Bohemoths!"

Guess The Choice Is Pretty Clear...

By Jeff Dedrick
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Dear Friend,

I wouldn't dare under-estimate your intelligence...

The truth is, there really are 2 words that would either 'make' or 'break' you in the highly lucrative field of content publishing.

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Like it or not, you cannot afford to ignore these 2 words.

And these 2 words are: Duplicate Content

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